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Recycle your pre-loved items with Cartlow to benefit the environment and get a payback

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How does it work?

Selling your products just got a whole lot faster, easier and more secure with Cartlow

1. Select your Device
2. Prepare for Collection
3. Our Experts will grade your Product
4. Get your Payback (Finally checkout your Cartlow wishlist!)
5. Celebrate on behalf of the Planet
Why should you Sell your Pre-loved Items with Cartlow?

It’s a mutually beneficial friendship. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint while bumping up your bank account balance.

The rest is on us.

What Product Categories do we take?

Mobiles, Tablets, Smartwatches, Laptops. Consoles. Professional & digital cameras. Headphones & wireless audio.Basically everything.

What are the Benefits of Recycling your old products for payback?

We save your old products from the back of your closet and give them a new life. It’s a smarter, more environmentally friendly and convenient way to shop.

How does Buyback Benefit the environment?

Let go of your toxic relationship. E- waste is toxic to the environment, contributing to environmental toxicity as it accumulates in soil, water and even living things (like that salmon you had for dinner last night).

We throw out an equivalent of 1000 laptops every SECOND, which makes e-waste a rapidly growing issue we are trying to take action on, and you can help!

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